Video Poker

If you prefer to control your faith and you’re not yet ready to hit the table games than Video Poker is right for you! There are really fun games to play and they’re not intimidating at all. Since you don’t play against other players.

Poker machines are similar to blackjack games. Because they required both skills and a bit of luck to be profitable. But, when playing Video Poker your goal is to make the best possible hand as opposed to beating the dealer. Since there are 2,598,960 possible card combinations. You’d be wise to learn a thing or 2 before launching a game. At we understand that trying out new games is always more fun with winning tips. For this reason, along with the growing popularity of Video Poker, we’ve dedicated a full section of our website on this subject.

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How to place bets

Video Poker wagers are slightly different than slots. If you’ve played video slots online you’re accustomed to selecting your coin size to increase or decrease your bets.

Well, when playing Poker Machine you’ll have the same options. The coin value may vary from $0.10 to $50. Additionally, you’ll also need to set how many coins you’d like to bet for each draw. Selecting the numbers of coins is a bit like increasing the bet level per line in a video slot.

Confused already?

Let’s put the theory above into practice and remember it does not apply to all games but it’s worth keeping an eye for this. Let’s assume you’d like to bet $1 for a draw. The straightforward way to bet is to increase the coin value to $1 and place a bet of 1 coin. Should you make a royal flush with this wager an on 9/6 Jack or Better game you’ll pocket around 250 coins or $250.

Alternatively, to achieve a $1 bet you can select a $0.20 coin and wager 5 coins per draw. In this case, if you win with a royal flush you’ll win 4,000 coins or $800.

As you can read it’s sometimes more profitable to increase the numbers of coins per draw as opposed to the coin value depending on the machine you play on. So, it’s important to understand the pay table well.

Understanding the pay table

Like for all games, it’s always more fun to play when you actually know how much you can win. Video Poker games have different payout based on the type of game you’ll select. However, the pay table structure is always the same and just about the flop. Unless you are playing multiple hands Video Poker where you may find the pay table under the game settings. In most cases, the pay table will contain 6 different columns with numbers. The numbers indicate the coin payout.

The first column of the pay table indicates the hands the machine will pay you for. The second column of the pay table indicates the payout for a 1 coin bet. The third column indicates the payout for 2 coins bet. The fourth column indicates the payout for 3 coins bet etc up to 5 coins.

Variable Return to player

The RTP (return to player) will vary based on the machine payout. To know if you are playing at a good machine you should have a look at the payout of a Full House and Flush. As a rule of thumb, players should only play on games where the Full House pays 9 coins and the Flush pays 6 coins for a 1 coin bet. This is known as a 9/6 machine and only applies to Jack or Better games. The RTP of 9/6 Jacks or Better games is set at 99.56%. The high RTP of Jack or Better explains why this variant of the game is so popular in real money casinos.

Playing Video Poker, where to start

Playing Video Poker Is very much like playing 5 card poker. Your goal, in this case, is to make the best possible hand with 5 cards.

The first thing you’ll need to do is adjust the bet settings of the machine. Once you’re happy with your wager size click the deal button. The game machine will then display 5 cards. At this point, you’ll need to make a decision on which cards to keep or discard. (below more information on Video Poker strategy). The game will also make recommendations on which cards to keep by pre-holding them. If you do not like the game recommendations you can always deselect them by clicking them. Once you’ve made your selection click the draw button to receive additional cards. After the last cards appear on the table, your winnings will be instantly paid. It’s easy, right? If you would get tired of playing Video Poker, you can just read more about roulette online here and switch game in seconds.

Game options and mini games

Just like for slot, you can auto-play your hands. When using the auto-play the machine will automatically hold pairs and high cards for you. Depending on your bankroll and how far you are in the game this option may or may not be good to use.

Additionally, some games also offer a gamble mini game. The players can activate gamble games after any winning hands. The mini game can vary from one machine to another. In some cases, you’ll need to predict the color of a card. In other cases, you’ll have to beat the dealer’s card by selecting any of the 5 hidden cards. Many players find this feature useful to double up small wins.

How to become a winning player at Video Poker

Video Poker is a very straight forward game. In fact, most of your actions are predetermined by statistics. They are software available online to purchase for those who wish to make a career out of Video Poker. But, before investing money into a software why not try this simple strategy.

Simple strategy tips

The best way to make a profit out of poker machine is to start at the machine minimum and also keep the winning hand. After building up your casino balance you should consider playing the odds and the probability of a large payout. This means that you should always keep hands that have a high payout as opposed to sure wins.

Here’s a list of cards you should always keep

in importance order:

    • Four of a kind (of any strength), straight flush, royal flush
    • 4 cards away from a royal flush
    • Three of a kind, straight, flush, full house
    • 4 cards away from a straight flush
    • Two pair
    • High pair
    • 3 cards away from a royal flush
    • 4 cards away from a flush
    • Low pair
    • 4 to an open-ended straight
    • 2 suited high cards
    • 3 cards away from a straight flush
    • 2 connected high cards (if more than 2 discard the lowest ones)
    • Suited 10/J, 10/Q, or 10/K
    • One high card (high cards are: jack, queen, king, ace)
    • Discard any other cards

Always adjust your play style according to your casino balance. Consider keeping only the sure win hands if you casino balance falls below your initial deposit amount.

Need a reminder of poker hands and the odds of hitting them

    • The Royal Flush consists of A, K, Q, J, 10 suited. The odds of hitting such hand are set at 649,739: 1.
    • The Straight Flush is made with any 5 suited consecutive cards. The odds of hitting this hand are 72,192:1.
    • 4 of a kind. You stand a 4,164:1 chance of making this hand.
    • Full House which is a pair plus a set and occurs quite frequently at 693:1.
    • The Flush is made with suited unconnected cards and its odds are 508:1.
    • The Straight is connected cards of different kinds and happens once out of every 254 hands.
    • Whilst 3 of a kind (also known as a set) is made with 3 cards of the same value and will beat any 2 pairs. The less paying poker hands are a pair and lastly a high card.


Ready for a game? You don’t need to put on your poker face when playing Video Poker online. Simply keep in mind the tips we’ve given you above and visit one of our preferred casino partners to play the best online games. They are many games available on a cell phone and desktop. Many desktop games are flash based, so make sure your flash player is up to date.

One last piece of advice. Always start by playing Video Poker on a Jack or Better machine. Once you’ve mastered the game and the odds feel free to move on to other variations of the game. Other games include Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and Bonus Poker to name a few.

While you here, waste no time and check our bonus section to always maximize your deposits. Have fun and may all your open-ended straight find a suited match.

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