Roulette is a classic casino table game which many players adore. It takes its origin from France which explains the French name. Since its creation in 1655 by French mathematician Blaise Pascal this game has not lost in popularity. To this day, all respectable casinos offer it. Why? Because it’s a simple game to understand. All that’s needed to play it are a few chips and a few lucky numbers, which everyone has.

With the rise of online casino, NJ players can enjoy roulette anywhere anytime. But, in order to play this casino classic, they are a few fundamental rules which players should understand.

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On this page, you’ll find useful tips that should help you have a successful casino session when playing at an online casino NJ. At, our goal is to always help you maximize the fun!

Playing roulette online

As you probably know they are many variations of roulette games. The benefit of playing this classic game in an online casino NJ with real money is that you’ll find pretty much all the game variations at your fingertips. Plus, let’s not forget that very much like blackjack the table minimum and maximum cater for a wider audience. Indeed, the table minimum in an online casino Nj may vary from $0.20 per bet and up to $10,000. So, it’s ideal for casino beginners and high rollers.nj roulette online

The game is also a lot faster online. One of the game options that players enjoy is the re-bet feature. This functionality enables players to place the same bets on the same numbers they’ve selected in a previous spin. So it’s really handy for those who only play specific numbers as opposed to black and white or odd and even.

Other benefits of playing online

As a casino player, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to queue up at a table to place bets or get a seat. Even more so to have to face pushy crowds to get the dealers attention to place a bet on a number that is out of reach. Plus, let’s not forget the players with a bad attitude, who may place snazzy comments when you win. When playing online roulette or slots online you’ll never have to queue and the dealers will give you all the TLC you need to place a bet on your favourite number.

Additionally, players with limited mobility often find it more convenient to play online than offline. Since they don’t have to stand around a table to place bets and can do so from the comfort of their homes.

Different variation of the game

Haven’t you noticed that some table mat have a 0 and some have a double zero! Have you ever wonder why? Well, this is because roulette games have different variations. Let’s look a bit closer at the most popular variation of games you can play and which one you should avoid.

The European roulette

Because the table mat only has one zero players can recognise it easily. Additionally, European Roulette is the perfect game for casino beginners. This is because this variation of the game has much better winning odds. Indeed, the theoretical return to player (RTP) is set at 97.30% as opposed to 94.74% for the double zero version.

The American roulette

Is also easily recognisable because of the table mat as a single zero and also a double zero. Only experts who understand roulette strategy should play this game. Because the risks players take are a lot higher for the same payout on a straight bet.

Bets payout

There are so many types of bets players can place when playing this classic casino game. Let’s have a look at the types of bets you can place and the winning odds and payout for each of them.

Low-risk bets

A good strategy when playing roulette for the first time is to only place low-risk bets. Low-risk bet consists of wager that covers more than 70% of the numbers. roulette onlineSo you really have a good chance of getting paid by the croupier. Cautious players generally only play dozen, high low numbers, odds or even and black or white with their own money and build up a bankroll on the house to place medium and high-risk bets later in their session.

Dozen bet

They are 3 dozen bets players can place. Each dozen bets as the name states cover 12 numbers. These numbers are in consecutive order. A Dozen bets are very handy when played in combination with hot numbers. Per example, players would be wise to place a bet on the first dozen when the hot number board displayed the number 1, 7 and 12 to win x2 their original stake.

High or low bet

Players can double up their initial stake when predicting if the next number the ball will land in is a high or a low one. The low numbers are 1 to 18 and the high ones are 19 to 36. In all cases, the zero and the double zero are excluded from the number range.

Odd or Even bet

Once again players can double up their original bet when predicting if the winning number will be an odd or an even one. When placing odd or even bets players theoretically stand a 50% chance of winning unless the ball lands on zero.

Red or Black bet

Is possibly the most popular bet! Players who can correctly predict the color of the next number the ball will fall on stand a chance to double up their original bet.

Medium-risk bets

Players who have managed to triple up their bankroll should consider placing medium risk bets. They are 3 different medium-risk bets available on the mat: a corner, a basket and a line.

Corner bet

Will reward players x8 their initial stake. Players who want to place a corner bet simply need to put chips in the middle of 4 numbers. Per example 22, 23, 25 and 26. There are 22 corner bets on the betting mat.

Basket bet

Basket bet exists in both variants of the game and is a bet that covers the numbers 1, 2, and 3 plus the zero(s). Players who win a basket bet will receive x6 their original bet.

Line bet

The line bets cover 6 consecutive numbers on 2 rows, per example 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27. To place a line bet players will need to put chips at the end of a line next to the dozen bet. When a players win a line bet he or she will receive x5 its original stake.

High-risk bets

They are by far the most rewarding ones. They are 4 types of high-risk bets and players have the chance to win from x11 their initial stake up to x35. Players should only place high-risk bets when they have a significant bankroll or when they have a hunch on a number.

Straight bet

Is a bet on a single number. The famous martingale theory says that a good strategy when playing roulette is to place straight bets on hot numbers and to always double the stake when losing. This is because straight bet pays x35 the original stake.

Split bet

Is a bet in between 2 adjacent numbers, per example 14 and 17, 29 and 30. To place a split bet, players simply need to put chips on a line (up or down) between 2 numbers. The payout of split bet is x17 the original bet.

Zero split bet

The zero split is obviously only available on the American version of the game. The winner of split zero bets will see their original stake multiplied by x17.

Street bet

Many people confuse street bet and line bet. Because street bets are more or less at the same place as line bets on the mat. The difference between a street bet and a line bet is that a Street Bet covers 3 numbers as opposed to 6 and the payout of street bet is much higher at x11.

How to play roulette online

Now that you know more about online roulette and the types of bets you can place, you only need to decide what type of game you’d like to join. Online roulette games are found in different format 2D, 3D, and with live dealers.

2D and 3D games

Are found in the casino lobby under classic games or even table games. They are really fast games and often players can decide to only place bets and skip the spin to get the results immediately. Most 2D and 3D versions of the game have a fun and demo mode.

Live dealers

Provides by far the best user experience. This is because players can interact with the croupier via live chat, just like in a brick and mortar casino. Live dealers games are also available for blackjack, video poker and baccarat. Live games usually have their own tabs under the lobby of each casino.


Make sure to visit out casino bonus section to find out which one of our partners offer 2D, 3D and live dealers games. The bonus section will also give you detail information on where to sign-up and highlight the terms and conditions of a welcome offer. It’s a great place to start before venturing at any online casino NJ.

Have fun!