ScientificGames believes there’s a hidden demand for Sports Betting in US

There’s a lot of action in New Jersey these days, and according to Scientific Games, this is only the beginning. In fact, Matt Davey, CEO of SG Digital said, “Things are great for business in New Jersey.” Although that’s not all, he said. So on that note, let’s cut the small talk and examine this further!

Untapped Demand

As we all know, earlier this year, New Jersey won an appeal to overturn the law prohibiting sports betting online and offline. Since then, businesses have rushed to set up shop in Atlantic City. Which, will always be a Mecca city on the East Coast for casinos and sportsbooks. And this is regardless of any other state that votes to allow sports betting.

Although according to Davey, due to the fact that more states are on the way to allow sports bets, there’s going to be so much more to come. He even went on to say, “It’s amazing to see how fast the adaptation to sports betting in New Jersey has been.ScientificGames believes there's a hidden demand for Sports Betting in US

You can tell there’s untapped and hidden demand in the United States. We’re now live with our products in New Jersey, Mississippi and it’s my guess Pennsylvania will be next real soon!”

Expansion Time

The truth is, Davey is absolutely right! In fact, it’s not that hard to see. Plus, everybody knows it, that’s why wherever you go in the U.S, sports betting is a hot topic. Even Davey said, “It seems like every conversation I have in the states is about sports betting.”

So it’s obvious at this point, legal sports betting is just now getting underway! Not to mention, the $1 Billion eSports industry is looking to root itself in Atlantic City as well. Adding that only verifies the comments made by the CEO of Scientific Games Digital. So with that said, there are fantastic things that illuminate the horizon of New Jersey! Experts predict that and we think they’re right!