Ocean Resort Brings Back Beloved Burlesque Show

Dance, loud music and fun, in general, are back on Atlantic City’s boardwalk. The Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub announced its revival. Indeed, one of the greatest successes of the former Revel casino is to reopen in the new Ocean Resort Casino (ORC).Ocean Resort Brings Back Beloved Burlesque Show

Call it a comeback

In total, five of Atlantic City’s 12 casinos shut down since 2014. This year two of them reopened. Ocean Resort and the Hard Rock, former Trump Taj Mahal. Together they restored 6,000 of the 11,000 jobs lost in the process. And the staff at Royal Jelly seems to be among those lucky ones.

Nightclub impresario Ivan Kane did not believe he will have a chance to restart his club. It closed its doors, along with other venues, when Revel went down in September 2014. But the casino, rebranded now as Ocean Resort, reopened this June 28th. And apparently, it’s execs thought it would be a shame not to bring back one of the few things that worked at Revel.

Which means that the ORC is delivering as promise entertainment for all types of guest not just for its core markets which are families.

Not your typical burlesque

In fact, Kane’s negotiations with ORC owner Bruce Deifik were rather easy. “If this blackjack pit is not the most profitable, I do not know why,” suggested Kane. And he was most probably right there. The club is definitely not your average burlesque club at all. Indeed, dancers run down the catwalk right over the gamblers at the blackjack pit. A live band delivers the music of Guns ‘N’ Roses or Nirvana. To top the spectacle, laser flashes and hydraulic lifts also form part of the show.

That all promises an experience hard to match. Kane said it is a unique place in the world for dancers. “There’s tons of stuff to climb to. And hang off of and swing on.” Besides, the casino is bringing back the Saturday afternoon burlesque classes, too.
So make sure to visit the ORC if you’re looking for unique experience!