NextGen Gaming

NextGen Gaming is a company that started in 1999 in Australia. Since its debut, the modest game studio quickly made a name for itself by becoming one of the top game providers distributed on NYX OGS platform.

In fact, NYX wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for its subsidiary studio NextGen. And because of the companies’ strong tie, many believe that both corporate identities are the same. But don’t make this foolish mistake, NextGen is not NYX.

So let’s clear things out so that you understand who each company is.

First and Foremost, NYX is a tech provider. While on the other hand, NextGen is a studio that once belonged to NYX, and also once belonged to Amaya and more recently to Scientific Games. Yep, NextGen changed owners several times, because their games are fantastic and it seems everyone wants a share of them!NextGen Gaming

Why are NextGen Gaming slots so good?

All and all, NextGen Gaming believes in 2 things.

The first one is to hire industry professionals that have proven their passion for the business. What’s more is that this company believes in creating a Multi-cultural work environment which focuses on nourishing the creativity of each team member.

Secondly, the company believes in respecting the key fundaments of slots. But also to never overcomplicate games for the players. Which means NextGen innovates with cautions and when they do it’s well worth it! And for these reasons their games not only Attract, but they also entertain and frequently makes fans. So they offer excellent player retention to online casino operators which explains why their games are available around the world.

How to recognise NextGen Gaming slots?

First of all, it’s important to point out that NextGen only creates slots and never table games. What’s more is that they’re a couple of features which makes their games stand out.

The slate of the game

For now, you’ll know you’re playing one of their slots when you first load the game and you see their logo at the center of the loading screen. In some cases, you may also see NYX logo on the right-hand side. Because, as we explained they’re a subsidiary studio of NYX which is why you’ll sometimes see 2 logos in the game intro.

The SuperBet feature

One of the key aspects of NextGen slot is the SuperBet feature. In fact, this popular advance game option is trademarked by the company. Which means they’re the only ones who can advertise it. But, it’s likely it’ll change since Scientific Games now owns them, and the gaming powerhouse may want to add this popular option to their games too.

Fantastic characters!

Even if this game studio does not claim to have invented interactive in-game characters, it’s worth knowing that their slots frequently have state-of-the-art characters that interact with the reels. Also, NextGen tends to create 3D like slots.

All and all their branding and image is unique, and after playing a few of their games, you’ll quickly recognize them. Especially if you happen to fall in love with their slots like so many other players have.Wonder Hounds

What are the latest slot created by NextGen Gaming?

In the past, NextGen Gaming released around 10 to 15 games per year. And the recent company acquisition has not slowed them down if we may add. In fact, since the beginning of this year, the game studio released nine new slots. Granted that not all of them are currently available in New Jersey, but still, it’s worth pointing out.

Players who want to have a spin on their latest game should try Wonder Hounds, Cleo’s Wish or Lightning Gems. And a great thing for everyone is that these games recently received the seal of approval of the New Jersey Gaming Commission. Which means they’re available in most casinos we’ve listed on this site.