Wolfgang Puck got the solution!

As the winter season quickly approaches in Atlantic City, online casinos take over the spotlight. As for the city, well, you already know, it thrives all the time! Although in the winter, things tend to slow down a bit.

With that said, legendary chef, Wolfgang Puck had a few suggestions that could ramp up tourism. Recently, he was in town at the annual Savor Borgata: Ultimate Food Experience event and he had a lot to say about how AC can attract more visitors.Borgata Casino

Bring On the Flights

As you know, it was a tasty time in AC last Saturday. Also, it was a great time for the chefs to get out and mingle. But the hottest topic of all wasn’t the tasty dish. It was tourism! Wolfgang Puck had a few ideas of his own, and we think he’s on to something here. As he pointed out, AC already has an International airport, but it’s just too small!

In fact, it only has one terminal. Which, is really not enough for an international city that thrives on tourist coming to town. So as Puck said, “We need to expand the airport or open a new one because it’s very inconvenient to travel here.”

Looking Forward

As you can see, there is a demand for easier access to Atlantic City. In fact, its events like the Savour Borgata at Borgata Casino and Hotel that brings people together. Plus, the popularity of celebrity chefs also has the potential to draw new foodie crowds!

Which, Puck further explained, “Now that the city is booming and gaming is everywhere, we really need to make it easier to get here. After all, this is a beautiful city on the ocean with so much to offer…”

On that final note, Puck is absolutely right, and it’s about time we have this conversation! In fact, the aviation industry thrives on tourism and of course gets a great share of revenue thanks to the gambling industry. AC is undergoing a lot of change right now, so it’s a perfect time to bring this up!