Wisconsin think New Jersey can’t make Sports Gambling Decisions

As we understand, the US Conservatives underestimate states like New Jersey. In fact, they don’t even think they are capable of regulating sports betting in their own state. Also, they don’t believe they have the ability to protect people in the state who choose to gamble on sports. And this all came to light when Jim Sensenbrenner spoke up. With that said, let’s examine the truth here and reveal some interesting facts in the process.

The Ugly Facts

First and foremost, why is the WI-Republican Jim Sensenbrenner trying to provoke states who chose to offer legalized sports betting? Not to mention, why is he turning this into a political matter by undermining the leadership in some Democratic states. For example, NJ, NV, DE, PA, & WV, are the only states offering legalized sports betting. And well, all five of those states are led by Democrats!new jersey

Except for WV, their governor Jim Justice was elected as a Democrat, but then after his election, he switched parties! With that said, you can see without a doubt what Jim Sensenbrenner is trying to do here. Furthermore, he’s even trying to get the Department of Justice involved!

Moving Forward Without Jim Sensenbrenner

In conclusion, it’s now obvious to Democrats that Jim Sensenbrenner is only trying to stir up political drama. However, the people have spoken, the court has concluded, and the ruling is final, sports betting is here to stay. On that note, the Governor of Wisconsin may say or express what he chooses, but nothing he says or does will change the ruling on the field and regardless, of his political clout in Washington.

So, let the good times roll in New Jersey! As it seems WI has no chances at jumping on the sports betting bandwagon. And we can only think that the good folks of WI would love to bet on their Packers, Brewers, and Bucks. Ho, well to do that they’ll just have to come and visit us! We’ll take their bets!