Wire Act decision put on hold

DOJ Wire Act decision put on holdThe so-called violators of the Wire Act can prepare themselves for yet more delays on the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) final verdict it seems. Indeed, the decision regarding the hot wire act topic and how it could affect today’s market is once again on hold.

As you know, it’s not the first time authorities are postponing their decision on the matter. In fact, the original implementation date for the reversed opinion was early January 2019, then April 15th, and was further delay until June 15th. Now it seems that the new planned date to confirm the validity of the wire act is once again delayed and until December 31st. But indication shows that a final verdict on the matter could drag well into 2020.

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The memo that cause delays

This time the new date comes from the DOJ. In fact, Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen is behind the deferring. Indeed, Rosen recently sent a memo to the FBI and the US attorney office. The memo told the authorities to hold any federal prosecution of violators until the new date expires. Or if enforced, to not pursue any violators for 60 days following the final ruling in the New Hampshire (NH) case.

To refresh your memory. NH’s case saw the day when the state Lottery Commissioner highlighted a legal infringement to the DOJ’s Office. Back then they shined the light on the 1961 Wire Act which forbids interstate wagering. And naturally covered all online gambling form, not only sports betting. And so it meant that the DOJ’s January favourable decision on interstate gambling was a flaw. Or at least had to be re-evaluated.

Wire Act development 2019 in short

The main dilemma on the Wire Act started on January 21st. And after the DOJ voiced its favourable opinion on interstate gambling. Then in February 2019, stakeholders in state Lottery filed a letter of opposition. At the same time, NJ and PA send in a joint letter to “strongly object” on reversed opinion. Plus, the Attorney General also filed a Freedom of Information Act. The motion allowed them to dig up documents tying Sheldon Adelson to a lobbyist group. Which lead us to the victory of New Hampshire in court on June 3rd.

But, the DOJ could still decide to go to a higher court to get their reversal of opinion validated. And that would mean trouble for NJ casino brands like 888, who offer interstate poker wagering. But not today it seems.