Winners at Borgata Casino

Winners at Borgata CasinoLady luck sure smile down on many players at Borgata casino. In fact, it seems that players who bet big won big the last week of September. So, join us in congratulating the brave ones and below here’s a quick recap of their exploit!

Top Three Slot Winners

Coming in first place, let’s all put our hands together for William from Landisville, New Jersey! This lucky fellow was playing the Double Diamond slot game when he put up a $5.00 bet and in return hit it big for $5,000.00! We must say, September 16th was your lucky day! So congratulations William, you’re Borgata’s online big winner of the week on the slots!

Second Place

Congratulations Stephen from Bridgewater, New Jersey! You’re Borgata’s second place winner for the biggest win on the week on the slots! On September 20th, Stephen placed a $6.00 wager on the Zeus III slot game and walked away $4,503.60 richer! We bet second place never felt so rewarding! So enjoy the moment, you earned it!

Third place never looked so good

Who said that third place wasn’t good? Go and ask Venkatasayee from Iselin, New Jersey what he thinks of third place! We’re sure he’ll tell you that it feels great!! On September 18th, this lucky player placed a big bet of $15.00 on the Aztec Myth jackpot slot game. In return, he won a lump sum of $3,795.60! So congratulations Venkatasayee! You went bold and took home the gold!

Try your luck

In conclusion, you never know what may be waiting for you at Borgata Casino! Some would call it a test of luck, but Sometimes you have to go bold if you want to win the gold! And, you also have to be in the right place at the right time to win it all! So without delay, head over to Borgata Casino now and show the world what you’re made of! Who knows, next week’s story could be all about you! Good luck and have fun!