Wine and Whiskey Dinner Parring at Ocean Resort Casino

Wine and Whiskey Dinner Parring at Ocean Resort CasinoIf you thought Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City was all about gambling, think again! In fact, Ocean Resort also caters to those who appreciate fine dining and enjoy a nice drink with their meal. So without further ado, let’s get you prepared and up to date with all the details. After all, this is a one of a kind event that we don’t want you to miss out on!

Dinner Parring Event Details

On January 24th at 7:00 pm, Villain and Saints at Oceans will be hosting the second series of dinner pairings. This event is for everybody who can’t resist a memorable dining experience and something new and exciting to do. In fact, you’ll now have a chance to try some unique brands of quality whiskey that you might have never tried with your food before.

According to Vince Turrano VP of Food and Beverage at Ocean Resort Casino, “This is a great opportunity for people who are wary of ordering a whiskey with their dinner. The truth is, there’s a great appreciation for fine whiskey and dinner pairing. In fact, you can enjoy it the same way you do with wine.”

Planning Ahead and What to Expect

There’s no doubt about it, Villain and Saints have a great atmosphere for those who love good music and food. In fact, Villain and Saints are more than just a restaurant, it’s a Rock n’ Roll Gastropub!

Not to mention, they have live bands that perform four times a week, and the Casinos food menu has something for everybody. And this means everything from BBQ wings, Cinnamon Smoked Duck, Skuna Bay Salmon, and much more. With that said, reservations will be required, so head over to the Ocean Resort Casino website to get on that VIP list as soon as possible!