Will DraftKings draw the short straw?

Will DraftKings draw the short straw? Ever since the bill passed to legalize sports betting in New Jersey. There’s a lot of speculation about the two daily fantasy sports operator. In fact, many wonder if DraftKings and FanDuel will venture into the online casino market. But, earlier this month Fan Duel or Paddy Power Betfair (PPB) confirmed they would. Yet, it’s still unclear if DraftKings will…Will DraftKings draw the short straw?

Are DraftKings starting at the right end?

Although, we’ve not seen any official indication that DraftKings is planning to venture into the NJ online casino market. They’re still in the lead, one would say, by being the first to offer a mobile sports betting app in the state of NJ.

Which put the question “Are DraftKings starting in the right end?” up for scrutiny. In fact, we see more bets conducted on smartphones. What’s more is that the past months’ revenue still indicates that Casinos, not Sportsbook drive the big money.

In addition, is DraftKings taking on the big battle first with its recent partnership with Lago Resort in Waterloo, New York? To prepare itself for an even bigger market, and revisit New Jersey at a later stage?

Big name to push the brand

Here’s another alternative that could work and yet another unanswered question… Do you necessarily need to be the first on the market to be successful?

The name DraftKings is already a well-established brand that most people know. And with its latest edition of former NBA player Charles Barkley as the company’s spokesperson. It looks like DraftKings tread with caution towards New Jersey and its online casino.

The newly assigned spokesperson Charles Barkley expressed his enthusiasm about the brand by saying. “I’m excited to be partnering with DraftKings as they introduce their new sportsbook app. Their products and their advertising are great, and I’m happy to be part of their team going forward.”

But yet, no indication that Draftkings could venture into the online casino world! Only time will tell!