VP of World leading online operator, 888 relocating to New Jersey

VP of World leading online operator, 888 relocating to New Jersey. Welcome to the Garden State Yaniv Sherman! Indeed, in a recent press release 888 announce that Yaniv Sherman is moving to New Jersey!

Itai Frieberger, 888’s CEO recently commented. “Yaniv’s relocation to our New Jersey office is another important step in 888’s long-term development in the regulated U.S. market”. The move is welcoming news for the state that continues to pave the way forward in the gaming industry. And without a doubt, shows that 888 is keen to develop the regulated market even more! As of now, 888 is one of the only company that has its platform approved across Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada. And the VP’s move only proved that 888 anticipate that more states will soon join the poker party online!VP of World leading online operator, 888 relocating to New Jersey

A brief introduction of 888

First, the company already generates an impressive $80 million revenue! And the power move to NJ is going to be a game changer for the gaming company that will generate much more in the years to come as markets open.

As of now, 888 Poker has more than 10 million users across the world! Also, the company uses one of the most advanced and secure payment platforms in the world. Which, in return provides players with the sense of security and confidence as they play! Thirdly, the company trades on the London Stock Exchange market and has been doing so since 2007. With the move to NJ, many believe that it’s will soon trade on the NY Exchange market too.

888 Poker jumps headfirst into the U.S. regulated market

The move to the booming state of New Jersey looks to be very promising for 888 Poker. Since the Supreme Court has overturned the ruling on online gambling, all doors are open.

Without a doubt, this has created a unique opportunity for the company to expand in a US. Also, 888 Casino has established strong ties with U.S. regulators. Which, gives them a superior advantage in a rapid paced changing market.

This is great news for everybody, for players and the entire state of New Jersey especially since tri-states poker is open and 888 is no stranger to the sports betting industry either!