Vice President of Events at Caesars Wins Award of Excellence

With a passion for service, Caesars vice president of events Don Ross has over 40 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Plus, his commitment to helping future leaders in his line of business has gotten him a lot of attention in recent days. Most recently, at the 45th Annual UNLVino wine and food festival where he received the Dom Pérignon Award of Excellence. Which, is recognition to influential people in both the community and industry. With all the non-stop buzz circulating around a Caesars sale, this news is quite welcoming.

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Another Attractive Selling Point

As much as we would like to steer away from the sale, it somehow always seems to navigate back to that these days. With that said, we’ll try to keep that down to a minimum. Although in this case, Don Ross’ contribution and recognition is a valuable selling point.

With $9 Billion of debt, Caesars is in great need of several attractive selling points. At least whoever does buy Caesars won’t have to worry about the catering, conventions, and events departments. Actually, Ross has a deep commitment to his position. In a recent statement, he admitted, that sometimes he tells his wife he’s going home, even though he’s really going to work. Now there’s a man who’s committed to his job.

Vice President of Events at Caesars Wins Award of Excellence

New Days Ahead

Looking ahead to new horizons, one thing is for sure; Caesars NJ casino will soon be entering into a new era. Unfortunately, what the future landscape will look like remains unknown. However, Ross seems just as optimistic as Caesars new CEO Anthony Rodio. Recently, the company was in Japan looking to develop an integrated resort and build the world’s next biggest ballroom. If that happens, Rodio said he definitely wants to be a part of that.