US Bettors Turn to Table Tennis and the President

This is a tough time for sportsbetting in New Jersey and across the globe. So it goes to follow that it’s equally as tough for sportsbooks and sports bettors. Switch on the television on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and normally the sounds of sports would fill the room. But now, nothing. Luckily sportsbooks and sports bettors have started getting creative. Bettors are now putting money on anything that has odds attached. Right now, that seems to be events such as table tennis, presidential debates, and eSports. It’s not quite the NBA but it’s better than nothing, right?US Bettors Turn to Table Tennis and the President

Putting the Brakes on

Without a doubt, the lack of ‘real’ sports has put the brakes on names such as DraftKings and FanDuel. This was supposed to be the year that they focused on growth. Both companies were looking to get licenses in even more states. Currently, there are 17 legalized states with more following soon. However, these big plans have had to take a back seat. The current situation has put a stop to pretty much all the biggest sporting events, including NCAA’s ‘March Madness’ which they canceled completely. On top of this, the NBA, PGA Tour, NHL, and Major League Baseball have all been put on hold. So, because of this, New Jersey sportsbooks have missed out on about $370 Million in bets in March alone. And sadly, it looks as though things are not even close to coming back to normal soon. So the DFS’ expansions plans will have to wait.

Tough Times Means Big Changes

Because US gamblers have nothing else to bet on with New Jersey casinos no longer open, sportsbook operators are thinking on their feet. For example, last month, punters could bet on the NFL draft, but now people are looking elsewhere. This means betting on things like table tennis, presidential campaigns, and even TV shows like ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘Real Housewives of New York’. Tough times mean big changes but hopefully, sports will be back soon, and all will return to normal.