UFC returns to Atlantic City next month!

Atlantic city is buzzing! Indeed, it seems that not only the Hard Rock and local casinos want to spice up the nightlife in AC. But the UFC too! Indeed, on March 13th the Press of AC announced the return of UFC in the garden state. Of course, it’s a much-anticipated return since the last show was 18 years ago at the ex: Trump Taj Mahal (now Hard Rock). Also, it’s worth knowing that the UFC would not be what it is today without the backing of the Taj Mahal. UFC proudly takes its roots in NJ, you know!

In the same news, the Press of AC asked Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Lembo about the past. Lembo then said. “Donald Trump made it a big event. He covered all the blackjack tables with UFC logos. He even had special casino chips and posters all over the place to promote the fight.”UFC returns to Atlantic City next month!

Will Atlantic City get its UFC fever back?

If you remember, back in the days most UFC matches were sold out. In fact, the UFC 28 audience had around 5,000 spectators. Granted that the Trump Taj Mahal was backing it then. But still, spectators came from across the states to watch the show.

Now given the popularity of the sport, but also that many new casinos are opening soon. We think it’s likely that the UFC could ink a deal real soon with one of them. Of course, no one made an official announcement about that yet. And perhaps some are waiting on the result of the Christie vs. NCAA case currently sitting with the supreme court, to make an offer to the UFC. Who knows?

When is the UFC fight?

Now, the big date that marks the return of the UFC is the 21st April. The match starts at 6:30 PM and tickets are on sale online or directly at the Boardwalk Hall where the event is. At the moments they’re still quite a few tickets available, and you can buy one for $88 up to $200.