Touchdown DraftKings!

Last week in mobile sports betting, DraftKings made history in New Jersey! The sports giant was the first to launch a mobile sportsbook in the state. Since then (early Aug) they’ve become the first to process two million bets! In fact, DraftKings only needed 38 days to rack up a million processed bets.

Also, since the start of the NFL season earlier this month, DraftKings only needed 15 days to process another million bets!

The confirmed milestone came on Saturday night at 10:02 p.m. exactly. Furthermore, by 3 p.m. on Monday, September 24th, DraftKings had processed its 2,147,698th bet!Touchdown DraftKings!

The official word

This is a massive accomplishment for DraftKings without a doubt. We would love to tell you in our own words how exciting the moment was for the company, but nobody can say it better than DraftKings themselves.

So we’ll now pass the mic over to Jason Robins, CEO at DraftKings!

“The growth since the NFL season started has been unbelievable. There were some days when we were processing over 100,000 bets a day.” Now that’s a lot of bets! New Jersey is in beast-mode right now, and sports betting is becoming more prominent than ever!

Furthermore, he said, “Every number we projected, we’re shattering. It’s unbelievable how much demand and excitement there is over sports betting.”

Online betting continues to gain momentum in NJ

In conclusion, two million bets processed in less than two months is only the beginning! Sports betting in NJ is on the rise!

Not to mention, every state in America is watching NJ right now, and it’s starting to look irresistible! That’s because NJ is the most aggressive state to expand on legal sports betting in the US. And the money is looking good! Altogether, people wagered over $95 million in NJ during August alone!

Also, since sports betting went live in the Garden State on June 14th, folks wagered over $150 million! Since the arrival of NFL season, Septembers totals should crush last month’s totals!

So, salute DraftKings for paving the way forward and setting the bar high!