The Source Pop-Up Dinner by Wolfgang Puck Coming to the Borgata

According to scheduled events this week, the Borgata is where you’ll want to be tomorrow night, January 25th. That’s a Friday, so it’ll make a perfect date night! With that said, we’ve gathered up all the details of the Pop-Up Dinner Pairing event by Wolfgang. Plus, we have a few other ideas for you too! On that note, drop down below to get all the details and let’s get this plan in motion!The Source Pop-Up Dinner by Wolfgang Puck Coming to the Borgata

Borgata January 25th, 2019

For one night only starting at 6 PM, The Source by Wolfgang Puck will be offering a signature dining experience. In fact, Source Executive Chef Russell Smith and Aram Mardigian will be teaming up to offer the finest Asian inspired cuisine paired with Japanese Whisky and Handcrafted Cocktail. Even better, for $79 to $99 you’ll receive a four-course style menu, plus drinks if you wish. So without a doubt, this is the perfect way to set the night off. At that point, you can either go home or check this out.

After Dinner Plans

After a great dinner by Wolfgang, there’s no need to leave! At 9 PM Robyn Schall, Danial Tirado, and Kyle Grooms will be tearing it down at the Borgata Comedy Club. And if that’s not enough, starting at 10 PM, Dj Valentino Khan will be on the wheels of steal over at the Premier Nightclub. Or you can choose to get in on the action with JJ RUPP at 11 PM in the Gypsy Bar. Beyond that, well, you’re already there so you might as well spend the night! After all, you’re at the finest Atlantic City Casino resort!

No need to go

The Borgata offers some of the most exclusive resort packages in town! Even if you only need to get away for a night, no problem, they’ve got you covered. As of now, they’re offering a Winter Getaway Package starting at only $149, or you can upgrade to the suit package for $50 more! Plus, you get a $100 dining credit and comedy club tickets! So if you plan it right, you’re going to have one great weekend for sure!