The Showboat gets approval from CRDA

The Showboat gets approval from CRDAEver since the Showboat took in its last wager in the summer of 2014. Everyone wonder’s what’s next for this property. In fact, there’s been so much gossip and attempt at buying off the ex-casino from Bart Blatstein. That, actually, it’s hard to keep track of who owns the Showboat and what their plans are.

But one thing is sure, the property that sits on the same block as the Hard Rock Hotel is not going to become a casino. And this is because the CRDA has approved a land zoning change on November 21st.

For some, the re-zoning approval was a sign of relief. After all, the talk of the town nowadays is that Atlantic City cannot accommodate more brick and mortar casinos. And the re-zoning approval guarantees that, for now, the competition even if stiff, will remain the same in Atlantic City.

The Re-zoning into more details

According to the law firm that handles this case, there several reasons why one could apply for a re-zoning permit. In most cases, splitting a 3.1-acre plot into several parcels could mostly be beneficial for housing purposes. Or as they’ve recently stated, “to change the intention of what that land was originally used for.”

Conflicting actions… or?

But despite the re-zoning approval, some cannot help to wonder why Blatstein and the Casino Control Commission (CCC) initiated the process to get a gambling license last March. After all, the time-consuming process has very little relevance if Atlantic City and the properties new owners are planning a new housing development. Some even wonder if it could have anything to do with the recent eSports legislation changes. Could the Showboat become the next training facility for eSports athletes?

After all, the Garden State is home to the Helix eSports centre which help develops the next generation of eSports pro. But that centre is just over 2 hours’ drive from AC. Surely they’d be some benefits in bringing it closer to the action. Well, one might think.