The new Ocean Resorts creates a wave of happiness across AC!

The new Ocean Resorts creates a wave of happiness across AC! 28th June is a day that everyone will remember in Atlantic City. Because as you know 2 new casinos opened yesterday. And many unemployed workers went back to work.

Naturally, both grand openings were very different. Primarily because both casinos target two different audiences. Indeed, the Ocean Resorts target families and the Hard Rock targets young adults.The new Ocean Resorts creates a wave of happiness across AC!

Although Ocean Resorts grand opening was not as loud as Hard Rock’s. It’s still worth pointing out that only a couple of blocks away, the Ex Revel opened for business at 1 PM. And right after a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a speech from actor Mark Walberg.

Before the grand opening Seth Schorr, Ocean Resort advisor said.

“Ocean Resorts is a family owned business! The Deifik family created a family environment here. Which is something that not only didn’t exist at the Revel but doesn’t exist anywhere in the casinos today!”

What makes the Ocean Resorts unique?

All and all, Ocean Resorts believe they’ve created a diverse offering. What’s more is that they pride themselves in catering to a wide audience. Which means everyone regardless of their taste and budget can enjoy the hotel and casino.

Additionally, the Ocean Resorts also has ambassadors on its floor. These Ambassadors are there to help guests navigate through the hotel. But they can also inform visitors of upcoming events.

Another unique feature is the Den. The Den is right at the center of the casino and offers Sportsbook, skill games and arcade games too. Although the Sportsbook area isn’t quite finished yet. Punters who’ll visit the casino can still place their bets on their favorite sports.

And let’s not forget the 1400 new rooms with killer views that are ready to accommodate your whole family! So, head over to AC now and check out the new hotel!