The new FanDuel Group extends to your tv

The immense popular Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) FanDuel has announced, they’ll soon start to broadcast on TV. In fact, they think that by investing heavily in their TV network they could introduce sports betting to new audiences. Now, all this will air on their digital channel TVG2 and TVG cable network.

As for now, only horse racing gets airtime on the mentioned channels. The TVG network was previously in sole possession of Betfair US, and it’s the largest of its kind in America. The TVG horse racing network also has a betting platform that expands over 35 states where the combination is legal.The new FanDuel Group extends to your tv

So, what to expect

The CEO of FanDuel Matt King expressed his excitement and explained that. The new group and its unique combination of DFS and sports betting. Will have a heavy focus on quality content that will incorporate TV-shows broadcasted on their TVG network. But he made it clear that none of the broadcasts would see branding by adding. “We need to make sure that it’s not an infomercial for FanDuel”.

The new group

The FanDuel Group is a newly formed entity, with the merge of FanDuel and Betfair US. In fact, this is the American extension of the powerhouse Paddy Power.

Specifically, the newly formed group will have the overseeing and operational power of brands such as Betfair casino, FanDuel, and TVG. Where Paddy Power control 61% of the group. And leaving the remaining 39% in the hands of already existing investors.

In fact, the merges between Paddy Power and FanDuel did not come as a big surprise. As FanDuel already has an existing database of true sports enthusiasts. It made perfect sense for Paddy Power to venture into a new market with a mature customer base. And as you know, Betfair expressed excitement about their new American corporate image!