The Miss America Competition Seeks New Location

After 97 years of gowns and crowns, and nearly 80 years at the Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, the Miss America Organization (MAO) will no longer perform at the site mentioned above. However, this doesn’t mean America’s most iconic beauty pageant is leaving America’s Favorite Playground!

In fact, it’s completely the opposite! Currently, MAO is seeking a new hosting location to call home! But with several offers on the table, it’s still unclear as to where the competition will move to. Luckily, we were able to score a few leads, so here’s our future prediction!

Missed Pageant 2019

Until this mess is all sorted out, the show won’t go on, as usual, this year. According to Matt Doherty, Executive Director of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, going forward, the pageant will no longer be at Boardwalk Hall. The location doesn’t make sense; it’s way too expensive to produce there. Despite several years of business, the truth of the matter is, Doherty is right.

The Miss America Competition Seeks New LocationThe Boardwalk Hall seats 14,770 people, but the $4 Million events only sold 5,880 tickets last year. The truth is, a Celine Dion concert will sell out 13,000 tickets at the Boardwalk, but 13,000 won’t come to watch the Miss America Competition.

In a Different Light

Fortunately, this is Atlantic City where several properties could host the pageant. With this in mind, Hard Rock and Ocean Casino Resort (OCR) have both been at the centre of interest for the organization.

Not to mention, they were previously in talks with OCR’s late and former head boss, Bruce Deifik. But now that the property has a new sheriff in charge, there’s no telling what happened with those negotiations. However, this could play out to be a good thing for OCR. After all, they’re rolling out a brand new game plan, and this could be beneficial for both companies. Until then we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next, although if they stay in AC, OCR definitely looks like the top prospect at the moment even if they’re still silent on that matter.