The gloves are off in Atlantic City

Not to mention Atlantic City when speaking of a new renaissance state is avoiding the obvious. And despite the hurdles thrown at the city, the casino industry is braving through and smashing revenue records month after month. However, misery tends to go with good times. Where two of the casino giants, Borgata and Ocean Casino Resort (OCR) are ready to go hard at each other. And the dispute encompasses trade secrets and other invaluable information. Yet, we are not talking about a security breach or a direct attempt to steal the information. In fact, the now confirmed lawsuit. That Borgata launched against its competitor OCR is all about staff management. Where the plaintiff is accusing the defendant of hiring top marketing executives.The gloves are off in Atlantic City

Know your customers

In the line of fire is in total 6 recent hires that OCR according to Borgata was “poached”. This despite a non-competitive agreement in place. Hindering, from what we know, at least 2 previous staff members to work for a competitor within a year. But what focus has shined a light on is a cell phone. That reported being in the possession by a Borgata executive. This when moving to the new position over at OCR. That may or may not hold information and behavior from the top segmented players. This allegedly includes favorite food, beverage, gambling preferences, and personal phone number. Plus information on discounting large losses. And in what instances the casino changed game rules to accommodate the players.

No words from Ocean Casino Resort

As the litigation is in full swing. Ocean Resort Casino has declined to answer any question on the subject matter. Though Borgata is quite open with the information. And if the numbers reported are right. The foundation from where the lawsuit originates is not baseless. Saying that the top segment spends somewhere between $1.5 Million to $4 Million, on every stay. Borgata further reveals. That the player is worth somewhere around $25 Million every year in benefit of the casino. As such, we don’t foresee that Borgata will let the foot of the gas pedal in this case. How it will play out, we all must wait and see. As such, remain seated as the story is far from over.