The dust has settled

There’s no way around it. The success of a casino, offline or online, is measured by how hard the money machine is working. And, in an industry where time is of the essence, and competitors are breathing down each other’s necks… There’s never a good time to take the foot off the gas pedal. Now, looking at the figures the casinos racked up, last month, it seems like the “Hype” is over, and a baseline slowly starts to emerge.

Let’s compare numbers

For three consecutive months, the online casinos averaged $24.3 million in revenue. Sadly, the month of June was the month that brought the positive trend downwards. But, there is no cause to set off the alarm just yet. With a marginal drop under the $23 million mark, they still maintain a healthy $23.9 Million monthly average.

All in all, the month of June compared to 2017 showed an increase of 7.3% across products, online, and brick and mortar. Additionally, With the new addition of sports betting, we should most probably get used to seeing more fluctuation in revenue due to seasonal sports events.golden nugget online casino

The real winner

Once again Golden Nugget passed the $8 million mark in revenue, and they’ve tightened their grip on the leading position.

The outstanding figures, put their closest competitor, Borgata at shame. Although, they saw revenue of just over $4 million they still have a long way to go. Followed by Tropicana’s $3.6 Million.

So, what makes Golden nugget so dominant in the online sector? Without a doubt, it’s a question that its competitors need to ask themselves. And, they need to do some drastic changes to keep up with this revenue machine!

Now, are we going to see a dethroning of an industry leader with the introduction of Sports Betting? Who knows, but it will for sure make for interesting reading when the DGE Announces July’s Gaming Revenue Results. And we’ll be there to give you the highlights as always!