The Chelsea Tower is Ready for Business

The Chelsea Tower is Ready for Business. The Resort’s huge renovations are finally complete. As of the end of May, the Chelsea Tower is open to the grand public.

Tony Rodio Tropicana’s Entertainment CEO hosted a special event to celebrate the end of the renovation. Most notably was the ribbon cutting ceremony which opened the Sky bridge. As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been downtown recently, the Sky bridge is an indoor walkway that connects the new Chelsea Tower to the Tropicana casino. It is an enclosed walkway that allows people to cross the street without having to go outside. For sure it’ll be handy for the cold and rainy day that AC is famous for!tropicana casino

What’s new and what to expect when you visit the improved Tropicana?

As you know, the Tropicana acquired the Chelsea Hotel to expand. Tropicana Entertainment bought the Chelsea Hotel in July 2017. All and all, the renovations of the South Tower and the Chelsea Hotel cost $200 million. The South Tower houses the South Tower Suites which are more luxurious than ever. To top that off there are new swimming pools too!

Also, if you’re a foodie, you can check out the great dishes at the Chelsea Five Gastropubs, or relax at the Whiskey Bars. Overall, they’re five Whiskey Bars, and they offer 56 varieties of whiskeys, bourbons, and ryes.

Or if you prefer to be poolside for refreshments, you can head to the Cabana Bar & Pool Deck for those over 21. Additionally, those with young children can have fun at the stunning Oasis Pool since there are no age restrictions.

As hip as it gets!

One of Tropicana’s food and beverage managers, Adam Voyles, commented: “We’re looking for a newer, hipper, younger audience.”

The Tropicana is looking forward to welcoming guests to come and enjoy their newly opened attractions. After all, it has 25 dining options, 25 or so shops, and a dozen clubs which hipster or not will enjoy! On the whole, the hotel now has 2,400 rooms and promised excellent services to all their guests!