The Borgata Casino is paying it forward

Borgata CasinoThe Borgata sponsored Equality Walk returns like clockwork! For the 9th consecutive year, the LGBTQ community has made their voices heard in NJ. Although this time, their voices were much louder! This is because the walk expanded to three cities in the state. As always the Borgata sponsor the event which, brought thousands of people together.

The Equality Walk raised funds for the group so that they can help educate people on equal rights. The Borgata is no stranger to promoting the LGBT community in the Garden State. In fact, we’ll all remember that only a few months ago they hosted the popular Drag contest Missed America.

About the Garden State Equality Walk

The walk first started in 2004, and every year it returns bigger and bolder. Now the Garden State Equality group is the biggest LGBTQ organization in the state! Also, the group works with the public to establish new policies.

All and all, the organization focuses on racial matters and economic concerns. But also, justice for people with disabilities. So thanks to the LGBTQ community and the Borgata, the walk gave a voice to all people. And it sure seems that they reached their goal to raise awareness for the youth and senior citizens.

The Borgata Casino invest more in the Youth

All and all, the walk brought together hundreds of people. Together they manage to raise a staggering $109,000 for the charity. But the Borgata’s generosity didn’t stop there! In fact, only days before the walk they announced a generous donation of $500,000 to the Ten Centre for Economic Youth Development and College Readiness.

As you know, the Ten Centre aims to help the 93% Youth of New Jersey who’s living under the poverty level. Undoubtedly, the Borgata Casino is paying it forward. Plus they’re making sure that everyone in Atlantic City benefits from their success.