Tesla Receives a Temporary Business Ban with Atlantic City Casinos

Tesla Receives a Temporary Business Ban with Atlantic City CasinosIt has to be said. We hope the DGE and Tesla will find a permanent solution to this unfortunate ban. The ban comes as a failure to completing the application for vendor registration. And so the company fails to comply with NJ gaming regulators which is unacceptable in NJ.

Not to mention, the DGE has one of the toughest reputations in the industry. On that note, Tesla may be one of the best cars on the market! But when it comes down to regulations, nobody gets a pass. With that said, let’s drive into the details and see what the ban is all about.

Tesla Casino Ban

As you know, regulations must apply to everyone regardless of who you are or what company you represent. In fact, without casino regulations in place, Atlantic City’s casino industry would be totally out of control. Plus, if there were no enforcement, then AC would be very unattractive. Therefore, companies like Tesla must comply as everybody else who wishes to do business with AC casinos.

According to the DGE, they reached out to Tesla several times to complete the necessary steps to continue doing business at the Borgata and Golden Nugget. Which, at the moment Tesla has seven charging connectors located between the two casinos. So if Tesla doesn’t take action soon, then these charging stations might become a thing of the past.

Moving Forward

All and all, this is a perfect example of what happens when you choose to ignore the rules in NJ. Now, Tesla won’t be able to do business with AC casinos for the next five years. However, the DGE said, “We’ll lift the ban if Tesla can provide proof that the reasons for this ban are no longer a problem.” With that said, it looks like the DGE is operating in good faith and leaving the window open for future opportunities with Tesla.