Strong Winds Knock Iconic Ball Off Ocean Resort Casino

Can you imagine reading those headlines across Twitter? At first, you’d hope everyone is ok because inevitably something like this would cause a lot of damage. On April 1st, that’s precisely what many people wondered after Ocean Resort Casino’s (ORC) Tweet. And with wind gusts peaking around 37 mph on April Fools Day, it was convincing too.

After Really Thinking About It

Not only did Ocean Resort Casino Tweet about this, but they also shared a picture of the Resort with the legendary ball missing. According to ORC, “It was very windy in Atlantic City last night. At 11:46 PM, 37 mph wind knocked the LED ball off the top of the resort. Luckily, there no injured, and an immediate search effort is in effect to find the missing structure.”

Strong Winds Knock Iconic Ball Off Ocean Resort Casino

At that point, many readers figured it out. The infamous ball has withstood much stronger winds. Not to mention, it wouldn’t be that hard to find a huge ball into pieces down below. After all, it would have damaged a few cars. With that said, good one ORC, you really had us going there for a minute.

April Fool’s Day in Atlantic City

On April 1st, you must always be cautious of any news or tips you may come across in the headlines. This year in New Jersey, many towns, government agencies, and businesses took part in the annual tradition of pranking everyone out.

Morey’s Pier on Wildwoods Boardwalk announced that its longtime French Fry stand would no longer serve Curley’s Fries. Instead, they would now sell kale chips, chickpeas, and fruit sushi. But of course, that too was a joke.

Even the Waterford Township Police Department got in on the action. Indeed, they posted a picture on Instagram of a rabbit baring the name, Thumper. “Waterford Police Department has – a new high tech crime fighting” Good one, WPD.