Stolen wishes from the fountain at the Tropicana casino

Last week, two of Tropicana casino entertainers were out in front of the building when they observed an odd occurrence. The 2 entertainers in question are Zachary Pickert and Matt Bridgestone are they’re both comedians at Tropicana. As they stood there, a man came and took the coins that were in the fountain. He collected them into a cup and left.

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The moment goes viral!

The scene was videoed with audio that says -those are people’s wishes, sir. The comedians made light of the situation, as comedians often do. Then, the video was posted on social media and it went viral in a matter of seconds. Many people posted comments and clearly, some people didn’t think it was funny but rather sad to see someone in such misery.Stolen wishes from the fountain at the Tropicana casino

Finally, one woman posted a heart-wrenching comment. She said that it is her brother in the video. She added that the last time she saw him was 7 years ago. And that even though he has a wonderful family they were unable to save him. She stated your humor is breaking my heart.

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Zachary Pickert changed his opinion after reflecting on the situation. Indeed, NBC10 news interviewed Pickert after the incident. This time he showed empathy for the man’s situation. In turn, he himself has had some difficult times with addiction. Furthermore, he is hopeful that the man in question will be able to get out of his bad situation.

Where does the wish money go?

The Tropicana casino collects the coins that are in the fountain occasionally. The hotel then donates the money to a charity that helps employees. The charity in question goes by the name of HOPE, and it helps people with all sorts of emergencies. To compensate for the stolen money, the hotel said they’re going to make a donation to this charity to replace the coins.