Step aside The Strip, The Boardwalk is the new King

The Silver State need to bring out their big mussels to beat the Garden state it seems. Indeed, in recent revolution, New Jersey surpassed Nevada in sports betting handling. Although it was achieved by the skin of their teeth. The timing could not have been more right. Indeed, not long ago, in June, Governor Phil Murphy commented on the outlook for the future at the East Coast Gaming Congress (ECGC). And it seems that Murphy was right.ecgc Step aside The Strip, The Boardwalk is the new King

Timing is everything

Indeed, Governor Murphy’s timing was impeccable when speaking at the ECGC, where he said. “Today, we are staring straight into the possibility of something that would have been unthinkable 18 months ago. New Jersey, yes, New Jersey, can very soon and will very soon dethrone Nevada as the sports gaming capital of the United States of America.”

And now we have the official numbers to support his claim, and he was right. Coming in second place, for the first time, is Nevada with a total of $317,380,281 in May in wagering. And the new overall winner New Jersey produced an impressive $318,940,677. It’s true that the race for the prime spot on the podium is still close. But yet, NJ produced $1.5 Million more than Nevada and made history in May. Also, looking at June’s preliminary numbers, it seems that once again, the sun shines brighter on the east coast.

The Garden state in good shape

The big question is; will New Jersey keep leading the pack after the summer? And this is where the Strip has pocket ace’s, the weather. However, the Boardwalk holds an ace up its sleeve too, online gambling.

As for now, Nevada only allows online poker, while New Jersey has it all. In simpler words, if you like to spin the slots in Nevada, you need to visit a brick and mortar casino. But for Casinos in New Jersey, you can do that from the comfort of your home. And this essentially opens up the door to a cross-sale opportunity. It’s worth knowing that from the $318 Million wagered in New Jersey, $263.5 Million came from an online source. So yes, it’s very probable that NJ could still claim the throne, even when winter comes.