Stars Group live in New Jersey with BetStars app

Sports betting has now taken off in New Jersey. Since then, we’ve seen many companies come to the table with their offerings. And every time it happens, we’re always here to deliver the news! Well, once again, a new gaming company has joined the party. This time it’s the Stars Group, which, is the parent of the well-known PokerStars. As of last week, they’ve announced their arrival to the New Jersey’s sports betting market. Since then, they’ve released their BetStars mobile app in partnership with Resorts AC. The app is now live in the state and taking in all sports bets.Stars Group live in New Jersey with BetStars app

Stars Group makes major move into the NJ market

Stars Group is now a part of an exclusive market in New Jersey. And the timing couldn’t be any better. Football season is only in its fourth week, and there is still plenty of time to reap in all the rewards. Also, this new opportunity for the Stars Group shows that this company is a real contender in the market. Plus, since acquiring Sky Betting & Gaming for $4.7 billion, Stars Group has become the biggest online gambling company in the world. So it’s only natural that they have leverage in New Jerseys’ sports betting market. Also, this move by the StarsGroup brings a lot of competition to the US. And we look forward to future reports detailing how well they’ve done.

Benefits of using the BetStars platform in New Jersey

To conclude, BetStars offers a unique platform that allows them to stand out above the rest. First, BetStars allows players to access casino, poker, and sports betting from a single account and wallet. Now that’s a pretty cool feature that most users will agree on. Also, In-play betting and early cash-out options are available as well.

Furthermore, they offer enhanced bonuses for professional and college sports! BetStars brings innovation and uniqueness to the market, and chances are they’ll have major success. So let’s see what BetStars can bring to the game!