Sports Grid Enters New Agreement with the Meadowlands

First, did you know that Sports Grid is America’s only 24-hour sports betting network? And second, it’s coming to the Meadowlands at FanDuel Sportsbook this June. Indeed, the new Live sports wagering show will air straight from the facility’s state-of-the-art production studio in East Rutherford, NJ. So without a doubt, this move further secures FanDuel’s position as the number one sportsbook in the USA.

Wager with Confidence

Starting next month, Sports Grid will start creating Live wagering content that’ll engage fans on Gameday like never before. In fact, the network will host live events, betting conferences, contests, and fantasy tournaments. Also, Sports Grid is an official partner of the NBA. So by all means, their credibility in the industry is unrivalled with.

Therefore, your sports betting experience at the Meadowlands just got more exciting than ever before. So if you’ve never been here, then we hope this news will inspire you to come and check it out. With over 80 TV’s, sofas, leaning rails, bar stools, classic American food, and a VIP lounge, you can’t go wrong. Also, the property has 35 retail windows and 46 self-service betting kiosks.

fan duel Sports Grid Enters New Agreement with the Meadowlands

Welcome to the 21st Century of Sports Betting

By far, FanDuel is leading the market by setting the bar higher than all of its contenders. The truth is, no other sportsbooks even comes close to engaging with customers as they do. According to the Groups CEO Matt King, “Sports Grid is a remarkable partner. Plus, this expansion is logical, considering our current partnership.” He later added, “The Meadowlands is a premier location that embodies the future of sports betting and Sports Grid is helping us spread that excitement nationwide.” Overall, this new agreement is a sure step into the future. We look forward to writing more about it as this deal takes off into the 21st century.