Sports Betting a Huge Win for All!

Finally, a sports fan can have a legal bet on his favorite team, from his cell phone, but also from his favorite casino in NJ. On the same note, brick-and-mortar casinos can widen their scope. So that they can include sports betting on their floors or use sports events for promotion.Sports Betting a Huge Win for All!

Huge Win – Caesars CEO Says

Indeed, Caesars Entertainment Corp, CEO Mark Frissora also shares this positive view. He said the introduction of sports wagers will be a huge win for the industry. All and all, his company owns 36 casinos and resorts across the US. So, the lifting of the ban on sports betting translates into an opportunity. He explained they expect a positive effect in a recent interview with an internet portal.

In essence, online casinos tend nowadays to increase their presence in physical facilities. And, online sports betting will attract even more visitors to those casino resorts. At least, according to the industry’s expectations. In fact, experts believe people actually prefer the vibe of placing the bet in a real venue, rather than from their home.

a shake-up that no one predicted!

Certainly, almost all NJ casinos see sports betting as an opportunity. Many of them announced deals with sports books providers ahead of the changes. Additionally, some even announced physical changes to their floors and even before the bill was signed. That was, of course, to offer a sport-oriented area and to make sure punters get the best!

But for now, some casinos have a few legal uncertainties since the new regulations ban sports club owners from sports betting. But don’t worry, the major casinos operating in the Garden State want to follow the new laws. And that is, either by lowering their business stake in the opposite side of the bet or by selling their sports team altogether.