How Tobacco impact New Jersey’s brick and mortar casinos

It’s been a hot topic in the news for weeks now. But actually, it’s only yesterday that Governor Phil Murphy told the press his opinion on smoke-free casinos as the temporary indoor smoking ban expired in just a few days. Learn more about the rules for smoking in Atlantic city casinos.

For some people, it makes absolutely no sense to allow indoor smoking in casinos. Yet, there is a loophole in the 2006 Smoke-Free Air Act that allows such a thing. And now it’s cause for concern.

The old “argument” that smoke-free casinos aren’t good for business doesn’t appear valid. This is because operators’ revenue increased by 11% when comparing the same period of 2019 with 2021. And some believe this jump in intake is attributable to the new non-smoking rules which the pandemic provoked. So, now Smoke-Free advocates are making their voice heard all over the country. And It seems that casinos will have to take a stand on that.

Smoking in Atlantic Casinos

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How did the Smoking Ban Positively Impact Business?

Everyone knows that a skilled analyst could blow smoke on figures to say whatever he or she wants without cooking the books. Yet, according to some, whether the national indoor smoking ban is responsible for the $11.1 billion Q1 yields the American Gaming Association (AGA) reported remains to be proven.

But one thing is for sure. The beginning of the year set a new all-time high and new standard too. And folks in the gambling industry are looking to know why? Could it simply be that patrons were eager to get out and enjoy their freedom again? Well, certainly not, according to Sen. Joseph Vitale. Indeed, just before Murphy said he’d have an open mind about a ban, he took the stand and said, “Smoke-free casinos are good for business because guests want clean air.” But the casino patrons and revenue are not the only concern here…

Smoking in Atlantic City casinos – Workers say “don’t bet on my health”

Although Casinos allow smoking in 25% of their venues, it’s too much already for some casino employees. That’s why dozens of them marched the street yesterday with signs “Save my Lungs,” “Casino Workers Lives Matter,” and “2nd hand smoke kills, cancer, stroke, etc.”

For them, what’s upsetting here is that smoking is banned on the boardwalk, bars, restaurants, etc. And yet, at a blackjack or roulette table, for example, patrons can “light up and puff” while dealers have no means to escape.

Of course, there is cause for concern. But what’s encouraging about this is that managers and leaders are listening. For example, Alvaro Dente Tropicana’s casino floor supervisor asks the question, “Why is this the only place in New Jersey you can smoke?”For the American Nonsmokers Rights, the issue is more profound. They believe the current legislation gives workers a hard choice between their health and a paycheck.

Smoking in Atlantic City Casinos – Making this right…

Now, of course, most people understand Atlantic City’s 9 casino workers’ concerns. However, for Governor Phil Murphy, it’s essential to “do this statutorily.” Or in other words, to make the ban permanent, the current act needs amending and voting on. What’s more, Murphy indicated that he’d be in favor of that. And those who read his statement understood that he’d before it, having said, “I would be very constructive on that. ”

The truth is, what casino workers are asking isn’t that controversial. All they want is “the same rights that every other worker in New Jersey receives,” as a table game dealer of the Borgata Casino Hotel pointed out as she marched the street. And that shouldn’t be too hard to get. Unfortunately, however, it’s unlikely to occur before the 4th of July and after sunsets when the ban will end.

Smoking in Atlantic Casinos

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