Shave your head and help the children

Shave your head and help the children. At the Borgata, people are always taking chances. But for some, chances mean more than others. That’s why the Borgata hosted a special event last April 27th. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation raised money for childhood cancer research.

It’s not the kind of event we usually see at Atlantic City’s biggest casino, famous for its comedy shows, concerts and exclusive dining. And it’s enlightening to see something different.

This event was at The Barbershop inside Borgata’s Spa Toccare. Here, guests who raised 50$ or more could grab their seat at the salon and shave it all off. What’s more, they could then donate their hair to organizations that make wigs for children undergoing cancer treatment.Borgata Casino

The Foundation that’s saving lives

St. Baldrick’s believes kids deserve the chance to be kids. Their mission is to take childhood back from cancer by raising funds for childhood cancer research. The Foundation is a volunteer-powered charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization other than the US government. Most important, they are the largest private funder of childhood cancer research grants.

Their first shaving event took place in 2000. Since then, they’ve raised more than $232 million to support the best childhood cancer research. In 2018, the Foundation has already helped raise nearly $2 million. That’s incredible! More than 6,500 people have signed up to shave their heads at more than 700 events like the one at Borgata’s Barbershop last week.

Money that matters

Worldwide, 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. That’s one every 2 minutes. In the US, one in five kids diagnosed won’t survive, and more children die of childhood cancer than any other disease. Those who do survive often suffer long-term effects from treatments too harsh for their developing bodies. Luckily, organisations like St. Baldrick’s are making a difference.

Would you dare donate your hair to help?