Scientific Games stood above all at this year’s Global Gaming Expo

Scientific Games stood above all at this year's Global Gaming Expo

Once again, Scientific Games (SG) displayed new exciting technology at this year’s expo. And it caught the attention of a lot of people when SG revealed how they’re taking entertainment to the next level! And as expected, SG stole the show at this year’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E) with their new products and games.

Also, one thing was noticeable at this year’s G2E, and that was SG’s enthusiasm during the show. They’re very proud of their products and eager to show them off to the public. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it and discover what you’ll see in NJ real soon!

Cash Wizard World slot game

Without a doubt, it was an exciting time at the G2E in Las Vegas! And above all, SG stood out the most. One of the games that people seemed to love was the Cash Wizard World slot game. The new game works on the TwinStar Wave platform that brings a unique experience to players. Most notable on this slot was the community feature that allows everybody who’s playing to win bonus at the same time! When a wizard comes out across all the screens and gives a gift to every player!

Cash Spin

As most of us know, Cash Spin has been out for some time now. Not to mention, wheel games have been around for much longer. But, this year’s expo revealed a new feature to the game that stands out above all other so-called wheel games! Now on Cash Spin, you can spin the wheel! Which is something that you’ve never been able to do before. During playtime, when you see the symbol “U-SPIN” it means, you get to spin that wheel in person for some cash bonus! Pretty cool right!

Get ready New Jersey!

In conclusion, this year’s expo in Las Vegas was only a glimpse into what is to come. In fact, the Expo went on for three days in the middle of October. And a lot of fresh products and features are on the way! So many that we couldn’t pack three days into one article. So, on that note, look out for more articles related to this expo! We want to share it all with you! Plus, look out for the new games and features coming.