Scientific Games (SG) support problem gambling efforts

Sure, the Responsible Gambling Education week in America ended on September 21st. But Scientific Games (SG) is proving that problem gambling awareness is a responsibility they’re shouldering all year round.

Indeed, recently, the American giant announced a new leader. And one that’ll help them boost their effort to prevent underage gambling. Carla Schaefer is joining the company’s rank as VP of Responsible Gaming for the Lottery product. And at the same time as announcing their latest hire. SG has also pledged to support the Gift Responsibly campaign. An initiative that the National Council on Problem Gambling is driving nowadays.

All and all, the campaign covers the North American continent completely. The primary campaign’s goal is to prevent those under age from playing the lottery. But also to create awareness among adults about offering lottery gifts to minors for Christmas.

Scientific Games (SG) support problem gambling efforts

SG is also investing in new technology to prevent underage gambling

Sure it’s great to know Scientific Games is pushing responsible gambling campaigns. But, the company is also investing in developing new technology and tech that’ll help them to detect under-age buyers as Pat McHugh, Group Chief Executive confirmed. “We’re innovating in new technologies like our advanced SG Vision technology. And it helps protect against underage lottery purchases at retail.”

So times are changing. Parents can’t send their kids to the shop to get a gallon of milk. And to get a lucky dip for the Power ball at the same time. And it’s not a bad thing either. After all, gambling can be addictive for some, and as Schaefer reminded the public. “Lottery games are for entertainment, and they’re for adults. Lottery games are not child’s play.” Schaefer also encouraged the public to spread the word. So share this news with folks around you. It’s of course for a good cause.