Scientific Games Renews its Fremantle Contract for TV Lottery Brands

Scientific Games has just announced that it has renewed the contract that gives them the exclusive use of the Iconic Fremantle TV Game Show Brands in its lottery games. As a result, it still has exclusivity on three of the games until 2022.

Therefore, Scientific Games will carry on creating games for the US lotteries including The Price is Right, Family Feud and Press Your Luck. Fremantle creates and distributes some of the most well-loved content around the world. It produces games based on drama, entertainment, factual, and even lifestyle shows. As such, it is always a popular choice for the lovers of lottery games.

Scientific Games Renews its Fremantle Contract for TV Lottery Brands

Creating Top Games

In recent years, Scientific Games has created in excess of 100 lottery games that feature these three show brands. Consequently, this company has become the largest provider of Instant Lottery games in the world. Furthermore, it is also the biggest provider of second-chance promotions and winner events online and mobile for both individual and multi-state lotteries. It looks to be getting off to a great start as their innovation teams are already at work.

Three is a Lucky Number

So, what is the attraction of these games? Well, Press Your Luck is a TV classic. It made its debut in 1983 and is a game of wit and strategy. It sees contestants trying to avoid a WHAMMY in order to win a huge cash prize. In fact, it is a Network TV’s top-rated daytime series. Also, it’s one of the longest running TV game shows ever.

Then there’s The Price is Right. Here, contestants are challenged to guess the price of different items. Guess the closest, and you win. Finally, the lucky number three is Family Feud. This has been around since 1976 and features two families competing for prizes of cars and cash. With Scientific Games already producing brand-new lotteries around these games, it’s set to be exciting. Another three years with three top games, three is definitely the lucky number.