Scientific Games inspires the future of robotics

Recently, Scientific Games (SG), has made a large donation to the FIRST Robotics program (FRP). The program is a non-profit organization that serves more than 520,000 students across the globe. In essence, FRP encourages education and careers in STEM-related fields. In case you didn’t know STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Scientific Games inspires the future of roboticsConnie Hayes, the executive director of FRP, could show nothing but gratitude. She expressed great appreciation to SG on behalf of the students, teachers, and parents who can now participate in different exhibitions. And all of this thanks to SG’s $5,000 donation.

Setting seeds for success

In essence, the donation that Scientific Games provided will help with the education in K-12 grades across the globe. Pat McHugh, Group Chief Executive for Lottery for SG, said. “We commit to improving the STEM education and experiences for the students. And we are honoured to support an institution like FRP. That is motivating and growing future science”.

But he also pointed out that it will nurture technology leaders and innovators for many years to come. Plus, SG themselves uses advanced robotics at the Metro-Atlanta lottery instant game manufacturer. In fact, their state of the art facilities helps them to create a process to make their games safer and more reliable.

Educational growth

In essence, FRP is the most extensive STEM program on the planet. Students who join it can work with experts. Also, participants in the program are 66% more likely to attend college in the future. And 89% of the college attendees choose STEM-related areas after they finish the program.

So, it’s quite clear that FRP sparks an interest in science and technology. So, let us put our hands together for SG who once again help to shape the future of the next generation. Not only the future of online gambling as you can see.