Scientific Games extend agreement in New Jersey

After years of a fruitful relationship. New Jersey’s go-to operators keep trusting in Scientific Games (SG). More precisely. The continued confidence comes from Resorts and Mohegan sun casino and its online operations. Where the parties first tied the knot and made it official back in 2015. Meaning that the casino entertainers will keep on using SG’s platform for player administration. But also for account management. Plus, keep the open gaming ecosystem to deliver fan-favorite games. That includes well over 500 video slot titles and a vast array of different table games. Therefore, it should come as great news for the customers at the operators that learned to like the SG offerings.Scientific Games extend agreement in New Jersey

No trust issues

Even if the market in New Jersey is completely overloaded with providers promising the moon. You don’t step out of an agreement when you see that things work. Moreover, if the players favor the selection, why change it? And if we take a look at what the collaborating partners have to say about each other, it’s easy to see why they keep working together. And in part, the statements read. “Scientific Games has been an integral supplier.” And. “We look forward to driving the partnership forward to ever-higher levels.” As such, customers of the operators can rest assured. And keep enjoying the plethora of available options on the digital platforms in New Jersey.

Deep roots

Indeed, it’s easy to see why the operators renew their contract with the provider. After all, SG has been in the business of delivering some form of gambling entertainment since the early 30s. In fact, did you know that the roots of the company created the world’s first electromechanical pinball machine? And that’s only one of the companies many world-firsts released on the US market. That will keep on coming as the online casino entertainment get a broader audience. Telling us that, when this latest extended agreement runs out, the pen will most definitely, by default, hit the dotted line again as the bonds only grow stronger. If you are new to SG? Make sure to go to any of the operators and their online offerings and check out the content.