Scientific Games explore the core information in sport betting

Seeing something and understanding it, is different. And while many sports betting operators are busy launching new products and innovation, the message gets lost. In fact, it would be wrong to assume that all punters have the same understanding of the data.

Indeed, the data interpretation capacity of occasional players and expert bettors are on the opposite side of the spectrum. And Scientific Games (SG) SVP Keith O’Loughlin believes that as the sports market grows in the US. Operators need to take action and ensure all players’ journey are customizable.

Where to put your focus

According to Keith O’Loughlin, there 2 types of sports bettors in the states at the moment. Scientific Games explore the core information in sport betting

First, they’re the knowledgeable ones. The ones that thrive in an environment with complex bet structures and pricing. And, naturally, feeding a lot of data to this player’s segment will keep them engaged.


Now, on the other side of the spectrum, there’s the weekend warriors and first-time users. And of course, these occasional punters have no use for detail statistics. Because the truth is this player segment mostly place bets for the love of the team instead of compelling odds.

So, how can an operator make sure that these 2 players type have a product that is accessible for them and fits their needs? Well, SG thinks that a tiered product like OpenSports and Match HQ Scoreboard offers just that.

It’s all about interpretation

First, the OpenSports platform is intuitive. Essentially, the updates and data lean more on the feeling first. Plus, it’s more visually pleasing because it doesn’t have as many numbers on one screen. But, the information is still there. So, the OpenSports platform responds to expert betters need. And yet, the way the data is structured, it’s easy to understand for a novice player.

Match HQ Scoreboard also response to the player’s demands. Thanks to this product operator can provide the current score, play-by-play animations, commentary, in-play team, and player statistics in an easy-to-understand format.

So, it seems that Scientific Games has a winning recipe on their hands. One that is beneficial for all customers, no matter their knowledge. And this is key for customer retention SG believes.