Scientific Games Duo Named on the Power Players List

It’s no secret that sports betting in the US is a growing force. And one of the company that pioneers the industry revolution is Scientific Games who has several footholds in the market. Scientific Games excellent position is mostly because of 2 top employees Keith O’Loughlin and Benjie Cherniak.

Indeed, last October, Sports Business Journal named these two men as Power Players’. Sports Business Journal is a publication that keeps the industry updated on everything in the world of sportsbetting. This includes information such as new deals, contracts and trading.Scientific Games Duo Named on the Power Players List

Stepping it Up in the US

To sum up, in the Sports Business Journal, they stated that “O’Loughlin has stepped up the US sports betting presence of Scientific Games”. This is despite the fact that this is a company more famous for providing online casino games and land-based casinos.

In essence, to step up in the US, this deal provides its OpenSports platform to Caesar’s land-based bookmakers and will be present in approximately 7 states. Plus, they acquired Don Best, which Cherniak headed. In case you didn’t know, Don Best offers real-time betting information to folks who follow the industry.

Yet, it wasn’t just O’Loughlin and Cherniak who got the power player title. Another power player joining them is Dr Laila Mintas. In fact, the Sports Business Journal recognized her for being key in leading the way in making sports betting legal in the US as well.

Recognition for Success

So, who are these people, and why do they have so much power in the industry? Well, many are familiar with O’Loughlin since he frequently headlines our news. But in case you didn’t know he’s the Senior Vice President at Scientific Games for sportsbook and sports platform. Then, there’s Cherniak who is the Managing Director of Don Best Sports. This is the company that powers SG Digital OpenTrade. OpenTrade supports SG Digitals Openbook, the updated and restyled sportsbook proposition.

Undoubtedly, the US is an important market for Scientific Games to do well in. And with the help of these power players, they’re well on their way.