Satisfaction guaranteed on boardwalk games

The Garden State boardwalks have many fun games to offer. But, can you be sure these games are fair? You probably had your eyes set on a big item in the corner and thought to yourself. “There is no way that little crane can pick that up”! And, this is where you’re mistaken! In fact, since 1959 the state started to inspect and issue licenses for arcades style games. But, the responsibility shifted in 1993 from Division of Consumer Affairs to the LGCCC (Investigators from the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission).Satisfaction guaranteed on boardwalk games

Operators are complying with regulations

You can expect the LGCCC to have your back as a consumer. In fact, their primary mission is to keep all boardwalk games fair and fun. They check the smallest of details, such as baskets balls not overinflated, hoops size, Crane reach and grip, etc. Additionally, all games should contain rules, cost of play, and the points needed to win individual prizes too!

What is the core of the regulation

Before the LGCCC issues a license they do a background check on all vendors. Also, know that each vendor needs to get one license per game and location. To get license vendors have to observe strict laws such as the max fee per game and the max value of a prize. And the operators are not allowed to offer alcohol, weapons, live animals, obscene material, drugs or narcotic as prizes. Any violation of regulation could be subject to a $250 fine on the first offense. After that, you could expect a fine of up to $500 for each infraction. So far this year, they collected $33,500 in fines related to regulatory discrepancies.

Where and when

During the “Safe Summer 2017” the LGCCC visited over 100 locations. During their check’s they found 56 incidents that broke the regulations. You might be happy to know that as soon as the first game opens for business, the LGCCC is out making it “fair to play” for everyone. All of this continues until the last operator closes its door for the season. Not all inspections follow a schedule. So vendors are better to keep games safe at all time for the general public. Otherwise, they’ll get fines. So far in 2018 LGCCC as deemed 266 vendors in 16 locations fit to conduct business.