Same, same but different at Hard Rock Atlantic City

It’s no secret that Hard Rock has an impressive music memorabilia collection. In fact, the Hard Rock is proud to present a collection of items that have a unique connection to each destination. So that visitors can get insights into the local pop culture! What’s more is that the Hard Rock is not afraid to bring new Memorabilia too!Same, same but different at Hard Rock Atlantic City

Indeed, in a recent press release, Matt Harkness President of Atlantic City Hard Rock confirmed that Elvis Presley’s Rolls Royce, Bruce Springsteen’s sleeveless denim jacket and headband, Michael Jackson’s famous glove, the suits the Beatles wore on their first America tour, are now on display at the hotel! “The collection of rare memorabilia items that are at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City is from musicians from New Jersey, along with those who have a history of performing in our area.” Added Matt Harkness in the same press release.

Funny fact on the Music memorabilia – where did it all begin?

Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett two Americans who lived in London in 1971 were looking for a good burger. And they couldn’t find a place to eat. This, of course, sparked the idea to create an American style diner. And, in 1974 the two owners decided to sponsor a local soccer team with game jerseys. The shirts were returned after the game and given away to loyal customers.

The t-shirts became an instant hit, and history was born. The first guitar on the wall was in 1979, and it was no other than Eric Clapton’s. In fact, Clapton asked Isaac’s if he could mark his spot at the bar by hanging it on the stool. The following week a package arrived with a guitar and a note “Mine’s as good as his! Love, Pete.” The guitar belonged to The Who’s Guitar god Pete Townshend. And, that’s how the collection started!