Rush Street Interactive Fined $30k by NJ Regulators

Rush Street Interactive Fined $30k by NJ RegulatorsOnline gambling is a relatively new sensation sweeping across the US. On that note, the market is still in its infancy and is maturing every day. Which, now brings us to this news. Unfortunately, Rush Street Interactive (RSI) will receive a $30k fine for allowing underaged individuals to gamble online. Although this wasn’t intentional, strict measures are in place to prevent this from happening again. With that said, let’s dive into the details and reveal the facts at hand as we understand them.

The leading factors

As we mentioned above, online casino is something pretty new in the states. Due to this fact alone, there’s going to be a lot of trials along the way until companies get it drilled down. In those regards, RSI used a flawed DOB (Date of birth) software which allowed a three-year age variation. As a result, 13 people in between 18-20 were able to create an account and play with only bonus funds. Yet, three people slipped past detection and were able to wager real money. According to RSI, they noticed the flaw earlier this month and immediately took action. Not to mention, the company also took responsibility and considers this correction a top-priority.

Moving Forward

In conclusion, technological glitches like this one can happen from time to time. Hence it’s mandatory for parents to use strict computer programs to ban the underage from visiting casino sites. Also, this is the first known case of underaged individuals managing to get around age restrictions in NJ. So by all means, this is not something that happens regularly.

On that note, there’s a high chance that we won’t hear about this happening again in New Jersey. But we can only hope that once this new surfaced more parents will take the necessary precaution to protect their children online. After all, online casinos are clear that gambling is only permitted if you’re over 21 years old in the garden state. And this includes real money casinos and bonus funds too!