Revel Finally Sold? Sale Agreement For Atlantic City Resort Surfaces

On 3rd October, the Press of Atlantic City announced the discovery of a sale agreement. Indeed apparently a sale was agreed between a mystery buyer and Glenn Straub current owner of The Revel resort.

In their article, the Press of Atlantic City suggested that the buyer is linked with the Mile High Dice MGR. As reported by the press of AC. The document made no mention of the sale price for the establishment.Revel Finally Sold? Sale Agreement For Atlantic City Resort Surfaces

This information made us very curious and we started digging into this matter ourselves. We found the following information on the web.

    • Apparently, Glenn Straub filed a notice of sale on August 31.
    • Furthermore, the notice of sale included both the power plant and the casino.
    • The Mile High Dice MGR LTD head quarters are in Colorado.
    • The document also mentioned Mr. Bruce CEO of Integrated Properties as the manager. Which means if the sale go throw Mr. Deifik would manage 500 & 601 Boardwalk, Atlantic City.
    • Integrated Properties often act as investors with other companies. Which means the sale of The Revel resort could mark a joined venture.


When asked to comment about the sale Straub said “I have no idea. I’ve never talked to them. They are doing this so they can tie up our property. People can file anything! ”

About Integrated Properties

Integrated Properties exist since April 1990. They are responsible for handling acquisition and development of commercial buildings. Our research has shown that this company is has reformatted and developed 103 commercial properties. Their portfolio includes office, retail, resort, hotel/casino, apartment and even warehouses. So, who know what they could do with the Revel resort.

A great thing about this news is that shows how much the New Jersey economy is booming. Of course, as always we’ll keep our readers informed of any development on this subject. So, stay tuned! The New Jersey real estate market is shifting really quickly!