Revel Casino Hotel officially has a new name and a sign!

Revel Casino Hotel officially has a new name and a sign! If you remember, 2017, was a year filled with rumors about the Revel Casino and its sale by former owner Glenn Straub. Indeed, Straub made the headlines a couple of times following rumors of an imminent sale of his property. At first, many believed that Straub sold the Revel to an NYC investment firm. Until another rumor emerged that a Colorado firm had bought it. During the negotiation, Straub denied knowing anything about any transactions. That is, even If the Press of AC reported that Straub filed a purchased motion. On January 4th, a Colorado investment group announced they had bought the Revel for $200 million. Until now, all eyes were on the former Revel as we waited for its new name. On March 1st, the building finally got its new sign and we now know that the Revel is the new Ocean Resort Casino.Revel Casino Hotel officially has a new name and a sign!

What do we know about the Ocean Resort Casino?

Not that much to be honest. In fact, the Ocean Resort casino has yet to give its opening date. However, we do know that they’re heavily recruiting. Currently, if you visit the operator’s website you’ll notice several new jobs. The job varies from management positions to chef, butler, casino banker and even bartender and advertising coordinator. It’s believed that once the hotel is fully staffed, guess will be welcomed. Given the size of the team, the Ocean Resort Casino is looking to hire, we can expect great things from the new owners. Currently, we’re uncertain if the Ocean Resort Casino will venture online. But, we have reasons to believe it will. Since the iGaming industry is thriving in NJ. Rest assured, the minute we hear anything new on this subject we’ll let you know and we’ll conduct a full casino review on this new brand. So stay tuned!