Rental Apartments Coming to Casino in Atlantic City

Atlantic CityIt’s official, the NJ Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) approved plans to construct 264 apartments at the former Showboat Casino. Although the location of these new apartments may come as a surprise, the truth is, new housing is a hot topic in the city.

After all, Atlantic City is experiencing an economic boom right now! Not to mention, this is only one of several housing developments underway. However, new apartments at the old Showboat is exciting news.

The Plans

According to sources, last Tuesday the CRDA approved the redevelopment plans of Showboat owner Bart Blatstein. As a result of the approval, 400 hotel rooms will turn into 264 apartments. Not to mention, there’s already a 250 units apartment complex being built right across the street very close to Hard Rock Casino! Taking that into consideration, it’s almost safe to say that by summer 2019, we could see an extra 1,000 people living on the North End of the Boardwalk!

With that said, we should also see a lot more taking place in the North End than in recent years. Furthermore, the Showboat, which operates as a non-casino hotel, will still include 785 hotel rooms. The Showboat consists of three towers, two of them will remain reserved for hotel guests and the third tower, The Premiere Tower, will feature the new apartments.

Looking Ahead

In conclusion, this project is happening and will soon be underway! With that said, how exciting would it be to live on the North End of the Atlantic City Boardwalk? It’s clear Mr. Blatstein has a clear vision for the city going forward. After all, he purchased the old Showboat in 2016 after it closed down two years prior.

Since then he’s been on a mission to reshape the North End landscape. According to him, “This is another step towards developing a complete Casino community in AC.” This project sets off into motion next month. So, stay tuned as we’re sure this story is going to get much more exciting!