Regulators Investigate FanDuel Line Error

Any error that occurs at a sportsbook will raise eyebrows, especially line errors. However, if they are small errors, it’s not such a big deal. Typically people quickly forget about it. Unfortunately, that was not the case for FanDuel. Seemingly, a supervisor approved heavy actions on some of their soccer lines. Indeed, this has created controversy for the company. They now have to answer some serious questions from the New Jersey and Indiana regulators.

In mid-July 2020, punters from these 2 states put some money on soccer markets in the MLS, La Liga, Serie A, and the Premier League. Bettors staked thousands of dollars on the matches, and FanDuel found themselves faced with the likelihood of having around $200,000 to payout. With all these bets won, FanDuel placed a hold on payouts, leading to some frustrated patron.Regulators Investigate FanDuel Line Error

A costly slip-up

All and all, when FanDuel looked into it, it seemed that they had made at least one massive error. This allowed gamblers to tease the lines with no effect on the odds. An example of this was when an ESPN reporter, Daniel Leavy, went in person to make a bet with a teller at the Meadowlands. They allowed him to bet $5,360 on FC Cincinnati +5 at -134. Because soccer scores generally aren’t very high, this is virtually impossible, and lines would typically be around 1,340. However, a supervisor on-site approved the wager, so he added an extra $4,640 up to $10,000. Now, because Cincinnati FC won 1-0, Leavy pocketed $17,462.69.

Time to Pay Up

However, the winner story did turn sour. In fact, when Leavy turned up to get his money, they advised him that they had placed his bet on hold. They have not contacted him for over three weeks. Although FanDuel did not comment, they confirmed that the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement was investigating. It appears that they will cancel the bets and send the matter for review. Bettors say that FanDuel should pay up – either the winnings or a fine. Surely this is only a misunderstanding. After all, FanDuel is famous for its generosity with punters having already paid millions in bets. Nonetheless, this error is making the headlines, and we at have to report it.