Promising figures despite circumstances

We should not need to remind anyone what the current situations and climate have done to the entertainment business as a whole. And if we go more precisely into detail and travel to New Jersey’s coast and its amusement capital, Atlantic City things were looking even gloomier for a long time. More precisely after the 4-month extended shutdown in 2020. And still, if the brick and mortar establishments, to date, only allow operating under a 25% capacity things look quite ok. And this to adhere to and follow current social distancing limitations put in place. But more important to support the security protocol and stop the unfortunate developments. However, after an interview with Melonie Johnson. By which is President at Borgata Lodge Online casino. Things do look reasonably ok for some portions of the business.
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The increase is more than ok

According to President Johnson, on a year-on-year, comparison, the online portion of the business shows a 174% increase. Yes, that’s right, 174% in the right direction for the Atlantic City industry veteran. And we have pointed to this since the troublesome times started. That the companies that invest time and resources to grow their online business will emerge from the bog of a year quite fortunate. In fact, Johnson commented on the number by saying that. “People were born to be entertained”. And no one can dispute the facts at hand. Where multiple online outlets are reporting a similar turn of events. And perhaps will we even see the industry revalue its core and shift focus going forward. Yet, there will always be a place for online and brick-and-mortar establishments to co-exist at the same time.Promising figures despite circumstances

Atlantic City will bounce back

There is no if’s and but’s. Atlantic City has invested too much time and money not to bounce back from this unfortunate situation. The only positive thing about the whole ordeal is the time. And if we put our hindsight 20/20 vision glasses on the timing couldn’t be better. As we saw the gambling industry since 2018 hit new revenue and visitors record, online and in person, month after month. And never really reached a plateau and baseline status. Meaning, when things finally will open up 100% the Boardwalk city with its resorts has even more room to grow. But, as of now, if you want to feel the full excitement from Atlantic City, it has to get done virtually via operators like Borgata casino.