Prime spot on the Atlantic City Boardwalk finally free

The Trump Plaza has done its final exit as the somewhat 3,000 sticks of dynamite made quick work of the once powerful-brand as people watched on. And according to sources, the removal of the decaying structure helped the surrounding areas to remove an “imminent hazard”. However, it was not only a construction business affair. This as some of the onlookers paid good money to get premium seats and a VIP breakfast as the implosion happened live on Wednesday 17th at 9 am. This via a nearby oceanfront property and a social distancing and the more manageable option of a car park, where the drive-in option cost $10 per person. Although, all the proceeds went to the favorable charity organization, the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City. Though, the event didn’t go exactly as planned as the owner stepped in and made some adjustments.Prime spot on the Atlantic City Boardwalk finally free

The icon Icahn stepped in

As Atlantic City residents know, but might have escaped the Garden State. The businessman, philanthropist, and Billionaire Carl Icahn is and was the owner of the now pile of Trump Plaza rubble. As such, he still says what is what. And when Mr. Icahn got the news that an auction house thought it was good PR to raise money from the demolition, he stepped in. In fact, he sent a cease-and-desist letter. And it all could have ended there. But Mr. Icahn decided to grant the charity $175,000, which most definitely covered the expected final price of pressing the demolition button. Plus, it was not only the Icahn money that made it to the charity. As the boardwalk and its properties with a view of the historical moment offered special “stay-and-view room packages”. This combination with straight-out donations like the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s $10,000, amongst others.

From 321 ft to 80 ft in seconds

As the preparation work, like concrete removal, happened well in advance of the February 17th date, the demolition took only a few seconds. Yet, there was a small delay from the 9 am time. All due to a stray flying drone that made it into the no-fly-zone. Though it only lasted a few minutes, it still got the audience speculating. Still, it all was just that, speculations as the building came tumbling down and ended up as an 80 ft pile of rubble. The company in charge of the clearance and demolition stated that. Due to that, the building has no basement. The debris pile ended a bit larger than “normal”. As of the removal, the same company estimate it cleared around summer.